Focus On Intervention And Recommendation For District-Wide Professional Development

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In regards to district-wide professional development my recommendation is that the district chooses to focus on intervention and enrichment for the reasons outlined in the sections below.
The district has been focusing the past year on professional learning communities (PLCs) and establishing PLCs in each building across the district. The goal for the end of the 2015-16 school year was to start implementing these professional learning communities throughout the district by the start of the 2016-17 school year. This is happening in each building with time built-in throughout each teacher’s schedule to accommodate the shift toward collaboration and data-driven conversations. Therefore, the next logical step
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Then identify the students who are excelling with all A’s and are identified gifted that would benefit from enrichment.
2) Have administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers work together to analyze previous year’s data to determine which teachers should attend which professional development sessions. If a teacher had trouble closing the achievement gaps in previous years for particular subgroups then they would be asked to attend the intervention PD. While those teaching gifted students that did not make adequate growth would be asked to go to the enrichment professional development sessions.
3) Teachers attend professional development on built-in district-wide professional development days four times throughout the school year in one of the two areas: intervention or enrichment.
4) Administrators will offer support in the two areas and will supply any needed resources to help implement strategies being taught during the professional development. Administrators will also be sure to look that the strategies are being utilized in classrooms throughout the school year through observation and
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Each school would be working collaboratively within their individual building while the district would also be sharing the same vision and common language since all teachers would be receiving the same professional development strategies outlined for intervention and enrichment. By working together to discuss the data at each PLC meeting and then working with other teachers on “next steps,” it can give teachers ownership of how to meet the needs of struggling and accelerated students. Also, if within a PLC group if one teacher attends the intervention PD while another the enrichment PD it naturally allows for those teachers to become leaders within their own PLC group as they will be knowledgeable about ways to intervene or enrich each lesson. Blankstein emphasizes that by allowing teachers to lead, even in small ways, it can foster student growth and

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