To Be An Effective Leader

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INTRODUCTION According (yulk ,1998 ) leadership is a process of influence others towards goal achievement . It shows that someone or some of organization work together for achieve same goal . Leadership also can be defined as the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspiration ( Kauzes, J.M & Posner 1995) . In other explanation , leadership is the capacity to move one step to another step towards goal with focus,it cannot be achieve on their own by individual . According historical about effective leadership, the individual start using the effective leadership is Florence Nightingale . It because Florence Nightingale advocacy is as relevant for the 21st …show more content…
For example, to obtain effective leadership, we need to work together in groups, to improve our skills, especially when working together. To get effective leadership, it must be practiced by all the leaders of the group. In addition, we can benefit from effective leadership. To be an effective leader, one must be a good leader, a leader who has the knowledge, skill, loyalty and so on. To be a good leader as well, leaders must be of good people. We can see that when the leader is of good people, people who will be the leader has a good attitude, a good background, and also their family background. In addition, family background for a leader is very important. For example, their parents are from families who take leadership in an organization, it will indirectly educate their children or their family members to become like them. It will encourage their children to be a good leader, and being a good …show more content…
It shows that the leader use democratic style leadership . According ( Mary Ellen & Helen 1997 ) the supervisors or leaders consults with the subordinates on appropriate matters, giving them some influence in the decision –making process . This type of supervisors is not punishment and treats subordinates with fairness and dignity . It can be shown that the leader is not only workers but also lead and doing the work with another employee. Leaders who have this leadership, can understand the feeling of a job and their subordinates. Normally leaders who do not participate doing the work with his subordinates, leaders like this will not last long in the positions available. This is because such leaders will not be liked by his subordinates. An organization that will not last long because not supported by the employees
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