Five Leadership Elements

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Five Element Analyses
After reading about the five attributes of a Conscious Change Leader (Anderson, 2010). I found myself analyzing where I am in the spectrum of the attributes. Anderson (2010) states that to be a conscious change leader I need to commit to live and lead consciously by committing to five elements. The five elements are listed with my self-analysis using my transformational change project (TCP):
• Pursuing greater awareness and your own self mastery; turning inward and observing your mindset in action; and continually transforming your egos self-limiting conditioning so you can see the broader and deeper dynamics at play in transformation. o I feel that when working on with my leadership team I observe others values, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. I also notice that my ego gets in the way, I want to create a path in which I want my TCP to
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When it comes to my TCP and the leadership team I do feel secure, physical and emotionally safe. As a team we are inclusive, have a connections, and are treated fairly and equitable. We are a team and accept each other for who we are and the expertise that we all bring to the group. When it comes to power I feel that because this is my project I should have a direct influence over the outcomes and the process and when I am not in control my outcomes will not be achieved. I realize this and I am working on letting go and allowing everyone to have the same amount of power to influence the TCP process and its outcomes. As a leadership team I feel that everyone is capable of achieving our desired outcomes and that we have a clear plan on what we are doing and wanting to accomplish.
• Helping others wake up and operate consciously themselves by modeling and engage with them in conversation about inner dynamics of mindset and culture and the breakthrough they

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