Essay about First Semester Of Life At Marshall

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First Semester of Life at Marshall What is the point of all this? Why do people spend thousands of dollars to come Marshall University and places alike? Why does the school make students take classes that are not even needed for their major? Also, why do students, such as myself, worry so much about the possible problems that college can bring us? These, along with many others, are just some of the questions college students ask themselves as they start a new chapter in their lives, and each of them, including me, have their own answers. People decide to come to Marshall University for so many different reasons that is impossible to count and understand all of them. Some come because they got a scholarship, whether it be athletic or academic. Some, including me, come because they are a legacy to someone in their family that also attended school here. Then some come just because Marshall is a college, and they had to pick somewhere to go, so why not give it a try? Despite everyone else’s reasons, I am here because my older sister and maternal grandfather came here for a degree. My grandfather received his master’s degree in education here, and much later, my sister earned her bachelor’s degree in education. Both of them talked highly of Marshall, even though I had my sights set on a couple other universities. In the end, Marshall seemed to be the best choice after all. I was not even a high school graduate when the freshman class schedules were posted. The few students…

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