First Generation American Students Like Myself Experience On The Daily

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There are many difficulties and struggles that a First Generation American student like myself experience on the daily. My main struggle is the language barrier with English reading and writing. Growing up with foreign parents was not the easiest thing, but ended up being worthwhile at the end. My first and native language is Polish. I had not learned the English language till I started preschool and that is where I learned it from. Due to not knowing English well enough, I had to go to preschool twice so I could go to Kindergarten. I have had the chance to visit many cities, and the experience of different cultures and languages that come with them. I try to include my personal experiences to broaden and enhance my writing. Grammar and pronunciation have and always will be difficult to me. As time passes by, I try to improve it as much as I can. It is not an overnight process, but years and practice. My University Seminar class gave me a great deal of training and knowledge that will continue to expand. Not only has my writing improved very much but so has my understanding of the idea that the city is the greatest human artifact ever imagined and created. My writing can only advance with the change of words instead of repeating. My first paper in my University Seminar class was based on the opinion of what the city is to me. The start of the paper including the errors of the agreement. Such as, when the word “city” comes across one’s mind what do they think of? The…

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