Fireball's Brand Analysis

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If a brand excels at delivering benefits, then it was successful at uncovering unmet consumer needs and wants (Kotler, 2012). Fireball created the buzz around the cinnamon whisky category and not only made an impact on the whiskey category as a whole, but on the industry outselling leading brands. Due to the instant success of making waves in the market, after rebranding, I would give Fireball a grade of A in this category. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire was launched following the success of Fireball’s launch and therefore did not uncover unmet needs. Ranked number four globally as top liquor brands, Jack Daniel’s has a very loyal following and makes a mark with $2.7 billion worldwide annual sales (Holodny, 2015). Jack Daniel 's Tennessee Fire’s image is representative of the positive attributes of its parent, brand Jack Daniel 's Black. Consumers regard Jack Fire as an attractive introduction and/or alternative to Jack Daniel 's Black. “It all starts with a …show more content…
The brand’s user imagery as well as usage imagery is on point for the target consumer. Jack Fire’s usage imagery is well depicted and the situation in which the brand is used is relevant. The brand positively targeted consumer with a well developed marketing campaign and has created a brand personality that draws target consumer to the brand once they are exposed to the product.
One way the brand is staying relevant is through gaining parity. Jack Daniel’s has created a very close option without compromising the parent brands equity to competitor Fireball, a “must have” for consumers. Consumers want a cinnamon flavored shot when out with friends that both females and males both enjoy. Jack Daniel’s goal with the line extension is to attract millennials who have a sweet palate and can’t get enough of the sugary, yet fiery

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