Finding Strong Communications Skills, And Acting With Honesty And Integrity

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recommendations, demonstrating strong communications skills, and acting with honesty and integrity. First, listening carefully is a critical skill to identify the needs and concerns of customers. A salesperson that can listen carefully will provide customers with better recommendations and a great experience.
Next, asking probing questions enables a salesperson to better identify a customer’s needs. For example, many customers are not sure what their needs are. Therefore, customers rely on expert salespersons to ask questions that identify both gaps in their current service and desires for new products and services. Probing questions enable employees to uncover additional sales opportunities that help them reach their sales goals.
Third, making qualified recommendations is the act of giving customers proposals only after a thorough inquiry of their needs has been made. Making qualified recommendations requires salespeople to have listening skills, communication and persuasion skills, confidence, and effective interviewing skills. Customers favor companies that have employees who are knowledgeable and professional. Moreover, customers receive a total solution and a better experience when presented with qualified recommendations.
Fourth, communication skills are a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) for nearly all sales jobs. According to Lussier et al. (2016), a BFOQ is “a qualification that is absolutely required in order for an individual to be able to…

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