Finding A Solution For My Parent 's Complicated Marital Problem

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The Problematic Problem
Did you know that if you are older, earn more money, and have a higher education when you get married your marriage may last longer? Apparently this spoke many truths with my parents’ marriage. Married at 20, neither parent passed a high school education, and hardly any money. Now, please do not assume my parents are divorced, because that really depends on what you believe divorced means. I’m sorry that may be confusing, but my parents’ marriage is rather problematic. They are not exactly separated from each other, but they are not together. As it may be confusing to you, it is also confusing to me. My challenge is to discover a solution for my parent’s complicated marital problem. To begin with, my parents’ problem also affects me. Let me begin from the day right before I began the eighth grade. My mom and dad were arguing for some reason, and then my mom called us all into the living room. She told us that she couldn’t live like this any longer. We preceded to walk around the neighborhood crying because my dad thought we needed fresh air. We stopped at a park and my siblings and I just swung on the swings. Looking at the stars and wishing I could be up there. Now flash forward to now. My mom never moved out, even though she has had many failed attempts. You see, my parents obviously do not love each other. You can tell by the comments and just our everyday lives. “Main, I bought you the _______ you wanted, but don’t tell your dad because I…

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