Essay on Finding A Home Is A Human Destiny

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The meanings of home not only refer to a place where can sleep and eat, but a place to carry the joys and angers, the place where full of love, responsibilities, obligations. Finding a home is a human destiny in a sense. For Asian Americans, a home can be a small family built up by the people they loved, also can be a community established by the entire Asian American. For APA LGBT, the home is not always make they feel peace of mind. It is easy for ordinary people to have access to the support and understanding, recognition, and care of the family, friends, and ethnic groups, but is hard for APA LGBT. “Identity” is a determination of individual’s self-identity, and based on the inter-ethnic communication. According to Alice Hom, “Stories from the Homefront”: “Asian American often have been treated as petual foreigners, seen as outsider no matter how many generations ago the first immigrants arrived.” Asian Americans are in an awkward position in American society. The second and third-generation immigration’s languages, cultures, customs, and etc. tend to Americans, but are also influenced by Asian cultures due to their family members growing up in Asian culture. For the Asian LGBT community, they face the finding their identity from the family, the identity between the same race and the identity of American social and LGBT community multiple challenges. As an Asian homosexual, they are difficult to fit in relatively traditional Asian ethnic community, and in the…

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