Financial Aid For High School Essay

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For most high school graduates there are two options. Go to college or join the workforce. Finances play a giant role on which option a graduate will choose. If college is chosen, how is it going to be paid for? Not every student will have the money necessary to pay for college, so then it is either a student loan or financial aid. Financial aid can be very selective, so that leaves student loans. Will those loans pay off with a degree to have a career that will financially pay off those loans, or is that student going to be left in debt that is unable to be paid?
I believe that if a student is careful when borrowing money, and is prepared to live frugally, that it is worth it to invest in college. Ultimately though, it is up to that individual if paying back loans is something they are prepared to do. If a student decides that they would rather immediately join the workforce that is not necessarily a bad thing. A person can be just as successful having a career that does not require a college education, as one that does. While it is important to receive a college education, it is not necessary to be successful in a desired career.
A college education can be a very important thing to have when it comes to being successful in the workforce. The New York Times says,” The report contended that Americans without advanced education are being shut out of an economy that increasingly demands specialized skills that are learned in college”(1988). Most employers look for an employee…

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