Financial Accounting Company Research Paper

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The company I decided to research was the homebuilding company Hovnanian Enterprises. I chose to analyze this company and their financial information because I recently own shares within the company. This past summer my grandmother decided to buy stock for me as a college gift. She felt investing and starting early is important since she has been for 60 years. Up until this paper, I had no knowledge about the only company I own stock in. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about them so I can make better investing decisions in the future.
Hovnanian Enterprises was founded in 1959. They design, construct and market a variety of for-sale housing in 178 residential communities in 18 states. The company works with an
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It is a more dependable indicator of liquidity than working capital. The Current Ratio for Hovnanian Enterprises is 3.4: 1. This means that for every dollar of their current liabilities

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