Final Assessment Of The Semester Essays

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Final Assessment Prior to the beginning of the semester, I had taken a look at all of the guests who were to come and speak through Montclair’s Filmmakers on Film website. Out of all of the guests on the list I was impressed by the quality and the content of the young, female director/writer/actress, Natalia Leite. After watching the trailer for her web series Be Here Nowish, I decided to watch the rest of that season online. Knowing more about her work like her feature film Bare and her work for Vice Media, I knew I would hate to miss out on an opportunity to inquire more about her life and career. Thankfully for the extra-credit option, I was able to volunteer to meet and pick up Natalia from the train station. Through getting her phone number to figure out the times she will be able to arrive at Montclair, I texted her after the class about possibly working with for her. The incredibly kind person she is, she offered to give me an internship position immediately. Then began one of the most invaluable experiences that has shaped my career and gave me insight to the true processes of filmmaking. Almost immediately after I had emailed Natalia my resume, she had responded with a plan for an internship program which would last a few months. She frequently travels from New York to Los Angeles, California. Recently she is flying more than ever because she is in post-production of her second feature-film starring Francesca Eastwood. Due to the editor and the producer meetings…

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