Film Review : On The Way Of School Was A Very Good Film Essay

835 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
The documentary film on the way to school was a very good film. I liked how at the beginning it states that “too often we forget how lucky we are to go to school”. That illustration really got me thinking that we who are able to go to school in America and many other developed countries truly are lucky. I myself need to realize the opportunity I have right now and how fortunate, and lucky I really am. I found this documentary to be very inspirational and motivating by the time I was done watching it. At the beginning it showed the child digging a hole in the ground to get water from the earth so he can have water for the day. Many people in America complain about drinking water at times, rather consuming a soda or beer in its place. People I realize since watching this show take water the valuable commodity that it is for granted. It also made me realize how different our world is compared to theirs. From what was seen in the documentary film the kids from the different countries that it presented where tough. Many kids in America dread waking up at 7:00 let alone 8:00. These children where waking up at 5:30 to go to school while trying to steer clear of elephants and predators on their way to their destination. Every morning the children that where from Africa had to run 15 kilometers which was a two hour trip to their school. If that’s not tough then what is it? I also noticed that their faith in god through the tough times was very admirable. For Zahira the girl from…

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