Essay on Film, Life Is Beautiful, Directed By Roberto Benigni

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Historical Perception The 1997 Italian film, Life Is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni, portrays the events of the Holocaust. Benigni’s film portrays the event in a different light than past Holocaust films. The film takes place during World War II, which was a difficult time for Europeans, especially for those who were Jewish. Jewish people during this time were put into concentration camps, where they were being rapidly executed. The film does not give the actual event itself justice. Six million fatalities occurred during World War II. The tragic events of the Holocaust need to be made known to the audience authentically, so that they can perceive it accurately. The director attempts to portray the Holocaust in another light rather than other directors, but this can be problematic. The Holocaust was a dispiriting time for many that began in 1933 until 1945. This was a time in which there was much hatred towards the Jewish population throughout Europe. This European prejudice against the Jews was initiated by the Nazis. The Nazis treated them as subhuman and wanted to banish their people as well as their culture from Europe. Jewish people were then separated from the rest and left in concentration camps where they were labored or killed. The Nazis’ hatred drove the genocide of the Jewish population. Six million Jews were murdered during this agonizing period; Jewish men, women, children, elderly, all of them killed. Almost nobody was safe from the Nazis. At one…

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