Genocide: Causes And Effects Of The Holocaust

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The destructive effects of genocide impact the lives of its victims and survivors further than others often understand. During the Holocaust, the entire memory of the Jewish people’s cultural and religious values were intended to perish along with the collapse of their population. Today, we remember the lives of the Jewish people to honor their continued presence among us and to ensure that their culture overcomes the multi-generational desecration that the Holocaust caused. According to Dr. Michael Reid Trice, the Assistant Dean for Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue in the school of Theology and Ministry here at Seattle University, acts of genocide remain a threat to the existence of various ethnic and religious groups in today’s society. “Unfortunately and tragically, genocidal activity happens regularly enough that it is like a tear in the fabric of human history,” said Dr. Trice. “Its effects include the loss of life, the loss of the living memory of a people in its …show more content…
From personal and professional experience, in friendships and professional relationships, the lasting impact of genocidal activity is undeniable,” said Dr. Trice, “Of course, there are stories of courage, heroism, and especially simple noncompliance. Communities can be valiant, creative amidst suffering, and unquenchable reminders of the strength of the human spirit.” Each year, Seattle University’s Campus Ministry and School of Theology and Ministry, in collaboration with the Jewish Student Union, organize the Holocaust & Genocide Remembrance Day, an event that recognizes Holocaust survivors and their experiences from the tragedy. This year, speaker Bob Herschkowitz will share his insightful story of surviving through the largest concentration camp in France during World War II. The event will also feature the artwork of Aqiva Segan that conveys the revival of respect for the memory of those who suffered through the

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