Examples Of Discrimination In The Holocaust

“You call me misbeliever, cutthroat dog, And spet upon my Jewish gaberdine— “ Shylock, a Jew, states all the crimes the Christians did to him. Shylock sufferes from discrimination because Shylock is a Jew. One reason that Shylock is treated terribly, is because the Christians detest the Jews. Shylock has the right to be rude since that is what the Christians did to him. Shylock feels hatred towards the Christians and wants revenge. Thus, discrimination could lead to conflict. This incident is similar to the Holocaust because of the dehumanization and discrimination of Jews. For example, the Nazi forced the Jews into extermination camps. This shows that Jews are mistreated multiple times. Thus, discrimination and dehumanization is common. The holocaust is a genocide that killed approximately six million Jews. Took place throughout Nazi Germany and …show more content…
Due to Adolf Hitler’s hate for the Jews, Adolf wanted to exterminate all of the Jews. Till this day, the Holocaust is still remembered and is a reminder to everyone that discrimination is atrocious. Numerous stories of the Holocaust are spoken by veterans who survived the Holocaust. All of their stories are emotional and tragic, since the Holocaust was a heap of death. In the Holocaust, numerous methods of resistance are shown, an exceptional hero, Oskar Schindler, saved numerous Jews. A significant life lesson was clearly expressed. Thus, the reflection of the life lesson is to not make the same mistake.
To begin, numerous methods of resistance were expressed to the Holocaust due to its horrific cruelty. The reason why there were methods of resistance is because the Nazis treated the Jews cruelly and the Jews wanted to get revenge. For example, Jewish armed resistance, which is the most forceful form of Jewish opposition to Nazi

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