Film Analysis: The Conjuring

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James Wan, the director of The Conjuring, decided to go ahead and create a sequel. Returning back are two paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who travel to Enfield, England, where a family believes there is evil in their home. This takes place exactly one year after the case in Amityville. Peggy Hodgson, the mother of four children, is in a financial predicament since her husband left. Whenever she finds out that one of her daughters, Janet, sleepwalks and claims to talk to the spirit of an old man she does not believe it is true. Soon after she finds out that Janet sleepwalks and talks to a spirit, she witnesses the supernatural occurrences and comes to the conclusion that Janet is truly possessed by a demon. Peggy contacts the …show more content…
James Wan did a phenomenal job in creating this horrifying film. The predecessor of this film may have been more of an achievement and attention getter than what this one was, but I still thought it was good. I thought James Wan used the different technical parts along with the camera to his advantage which helped make this film great and horrifying. He weaves the camera in a number of different angles giving the house a claustrophobic feel. He uses a very dark tinted and gloomy setting that easily sets the tone. The last technical part that I think James Wan used very well was the motion pictures and artistic direction which kept the horror feeling …show more content…
Madison Wolfe, who was portrayed as Janet Hodgson, stupendously executed the part of a young girl who falls deep into darkness by messing with an Ouija board. Aside from Madison Wolfe, I feel like all the children and the mother acted their horrifying parts, terrifically. My favorite cast members were Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who played as Ed and Lorraine Warren. They were my favorite cast members because of the strong bond, as a married couple, they had. I found myself rooting for them in many of the suspenseful scenes. I thought these two acted their parts very well and whenever they were not side by side my heart ached for them.
Something no one knows is that James Wan used a real actor as the crooked man. I liked that he did this because as people start to find this out and watch the movie again they will watch for the crooked man and notice that he is a real actor. I also like it for the simple fact that the actor he chose, Javier Botet, can do such weird things with his

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