Essay on Fierce Foliage Never Again !

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Fierce Foliage Never Again!
So I got a job and I 've been saving up for a while so that I can buy a car. I got a job at Sam Levitz, the one buy our school which shares the same parking lot with I Hop. So I saved up around 1,000 dollars and one day after I had gotten my hair retwisted by my sister she was taking me home. As we were leaving her house I asked her about her old car because she had told me before that she was going to sell it for 1,000. It never clicked in my mind that I should buy the car from her. I guess I felt kind of weird that I would be buying it from her when my older brother was looking for a car for 1,000 also and he also needed a way to get around. I guess I felt like he needed it more than I did. But then of course he went and lost his job for literally the 50th time. No hyperbole there. So the idea that I should buy the car from her didn’t even click in when she brought it up to me when she mentioned that I could use the car until she got it fixed up and wanted to sell it. So when I got home me and my mom went to go to the gym and I told her about the idea and my mom told me that it would probably be a good idea and that it would be a good first car from me. At that point I got really excited. So I immediately texted my sister and told her that it would be awesome that if I could drive the car. It was even more of a great idea after I had to walk home from work on day which is ( if I had to estimate) somewhere around 3 miles away. I even tried…

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