Ficial Language Of The United States Essay

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Even though a majority of us speak English it should not be the official Language of the United States, because people are not going to want to adapt to just one language. Therefore, it 's impossible to make English the official language due to the United States being the giant cultural “melting pot” of the world. As a result, it is absurd to think that all of the cultures will learn English when they will lose their cultural language. However, one of the reasons why I think people will argue about is from the first amendment which states “Freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. Thus, it is wrongful for English to be the official language when people have the right to speak whatever they prefer.
As a consequence, with English being the only language it would lead the next generation in a lack of knowledge toward their culture and heritage. For instance they won’t want to learn their cultural language because English would be the only language they would need to talk in the United States.Thus, they would lose their contact with their family which, would lead to different types of family issues. However, the enormous problem is that the next generation would not be able to communicate with other people of there own kind. In this case, your brought coming people would see you as a fake person since it would mean a breakage of their culture. Therefore, it would end the cycle of their culture and would not continue on to the next…

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