Analysis Of 'English Only' Laws Divide And Demean By Warren J. Blumenfeld

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The article “English Only” Laws divide and Demean by Warren J. Blumenfeld states the author’s view against enacting a law making English the official language of the federal government. Mr. Blumenfeld’s premise in "English Only" is that the law is unnecessary and divisive in the United States. He is seeking a call to action in his home state of Iowa against the “English-only” law because he believes that it will negatively impact the beliefs that our nation is founded upon, rather than celebrate and promote our uniqueness as a nation of people from different cultures seeking the freedom to be individuals. He is an opponent of this law since he believes it has the potential to create prejudice and discrimination toward our citizens because …show more content…
His two main uses of pathos are in his story about the Mexican student and in his use of Horace Kallen’s description of our society as a great symphony rather than a bunch of instruments playing in unison (the melting pot). Blumenfeld’s use of the story of the Mexican student appeals to pathos by saying in the article “your language and your culture are not welcome here”. That appeals to pathos because it goes against everything that our nation stands for. This story of the Mexican appeals to pathos by forcing the reader to feel sorry for the children and parents affected by the English only mandates. This personal story of his friend not only appeals emotionally to the reader, it also creates a good visual for the reader to sympathize with. This story of his friend focuses on his point that the English only laws demean and divide. Horace Kallen’s description of society as a “symphony” appeals to pathos because it is our nation’s belief that everyone is different and should be heard equally; just like the varied instruments it takes to play a symphony we all have all have something to add to society. Blumenfeld supports his argument by quoting another author, Joel Spring, who writes about cultural genocide, which he explains is destroying cultures of people and actually replacing it with new cultures. Blumenthfeld’s uses pathos to try and convince the reader that "English Only" is hurting the country as a whole; we believe that enforcing these laws will result in the various ethnic and religious cultures that exist within the United States melding into one monotone society. When he says, "no true patriot should support or tolerate this hateful law”, he is using pathos as his tool to convince the reader against the "English Only" law. His passion is clearly

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