Pope Francis Language Barriers

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For thousands of years, people have encountered language barriers. Even in today’s global society, they still exist; one of the main issues concerning Pope Francis’s visit to the United States was language. The Pope needed to choose a language to address the people without diluting the strength of his message; all the while, choosing a language he was proficient enough in to avoid a faux pas. Pope Francis came to the decision to speak in English, the unofficial language of America’s majority. Pope Francis managed to avoid slip-ups and reached the hearts of many, but only delivered 4 of his 18 speeches in English. The other 14 speeches were translated from his native Spanish to English; there are ways around language barriers. Pope Francis, like many, managed to get by in …show more content…
The gravity that bilingualism holds in modern America, how language would affect culture, and how legislation would impact the freedoms of the people. These points can be argued in favor of either viewpoint but facts show that creating a national language would not be ideal for the country. English as an official language in the United States has become a hot topic over the years as immigration rates also climb. A U.S. census taken in 2012 shows that there was a 31.2% increase in the foreign-born populace since 2000; that is over 15 million immigrants. It is not reasonable to assume that every one of them will enter the country as a master of the English language, but they will need English to thrive. Considering the economic and social benefits from it, non-speakers are keen to learn English. Passing legislation would devalue years of ethnic blending in American history and while being highly unnecessary. America is what it is not because of one language, but because the lack thereof. America is great because it is a land of blended cultures, languages, and

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