Feminism, The Advocacy Of Women 's Rights On The Grounds Of Political, Social, And Economic Equality

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According to google the definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men”. When I was younger I, like a lot of other people, thought feminism was merely angry women who hated men. They were aggressive and hateful and insisted that women are superior to men. All the portrayals of feminism and feminists that I has seen in media were almost always negative. This of course gave me the impression that “oh i 'm not a feminist! Feminists are bad and they just want to get rid of men!!” and of course since i didn’t didn’t hate guys I wasn’t going to label myself a feminist. I held onto this train of thought for years, which shows how extreme the misconceptions can be about feminism in our society. I first started learning about what feminism actually stood for when I was about 15 years old. I didn’t know any feminists and it was never really discussed at school or home so the internet turned out to be a big “literacy sponsor” for me. I was a frequent user on the website ‘Tumblr’, on this website i was exposed to a multitude of different bloggers that proclaimed themselves feminists. It was at times difficult to see if there was a universal understanding of exactly what feminism included and what it didn’t, but regardless I started educating myself on the more positive examples of feminism that I had been exposed to.

Needless to say years have passed and I definitely call myself a feminist now, and have for…

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