Feminism In Claire Miye Stanford's If You Ve Got The Wrong Song

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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do…
According to Merriam-Webster, feminism is “the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities” (Merriam-Webster). The definition was the same for feminist. The modern-day population see both words completely different; feminism being soft and with grace versus feminist wanting to be just like or better than men. In Claire Miye Stanford’s “You’ve Got The Wrong Song: Nashville and Country Music Feminism” tells readers just how distinct these words can be through famous country artists’ music like Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton, and fictional country artist starred in Nashville like Rayna James and Juliette Barned.
In Stanford’s article, she asks the question “But can a show that is so ostensibly
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If she lashes out and enacts bad behavior, she will be seen as a woman who simply does not care about her career and therefore demolishes her image versus if it were a male to do so, he is being a guy so boys will be boys (Stanford 281). During Rayna and Juliette’s fictional interviews the exclusion of the word “feminist” has a powerful implication. Today, strong and powerful women are asked to exemplify themselves through feminism. Nashville’s characters are simply woman who are balancing both careers and real life situations and they are not seen as feminist because they are taking the lead.
Feminism is an action, it’s the way someone acts no matter if male or female. Feminist has become a popular term to women that want to be equal to men. Equal as in credibility. As for hit songs from Nashville and Dolly Parton we are no longer letting it fly-by, these women are the voices that let men know that, as women, we are standing up. In 2013, the word “feminist” has been more commonly used and are aimed towards powerful women who want to suppress the term entirely and see them as powerful, strong-headed, and strong-willed

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