Feminism Is All About Being Man Haters Essay

861 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Feminism is all about being man-haters that plan to enslave all men, right? No? Well, some naive people that may not know better may think along those lines. Honestly, that might not be that far off from how some feminist think, but that’s not the true intents of a well-taught feminist. Feminist aren’t bad people, they just speak their mind about how our economy should be in one way or another. Having many opinions about feminism isn’t a real answer. Like with defining love, defining feminism becomes a general idea that most people define it as a guideline of how it is. Feminist should be a person who seeks out equality for males and females with the understanding that there shouldn’t be discriminations towards genders. An example of an extreme feminist gone wrong would be a slam poet named Mickey Randleman who teaches kindergarten. Mickey gives feminist a rotten title. With the starting sentence, “I am the feminist who is out to ruin your life…” (2014) Mickey proceeds to talk to the audience about married men. She explains how she’s out to ruin your marriage and make your daughters go down the path of “sluthood.” She talks about how she views men on a sinister view and how she want’s to make sure sure the men that is directed to in the poem ends up with a misrible life ruined by women. She explains how she whispers things to the girls in the men’s life to get a haircut that he doesn’t like to showing the man’s daughter the life of sexual desires. This gives a nasty vibe…

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