Feminism: Equality And Equality

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Feminism: equal rights for both sexes. Simple. Except it is not, it is not simple whatsoever. Equal right for all and that is it? Feminism is so much more than that. In fact, feminism is just like religion, everyone has their own way to preach it. There is not just one way of being Catholic or Jew, as there is not one way of being a feminist. When it comes to feminism, people get to make up their own definition, we get to own the word, based on our experiences, what we are lacking and what we are getting too much of. For me, feminism is girls supporting each other and building each other up, being able to walk outside without having to be scared all the time, being respected rather than having to earn respect.
It was not that late, there was still sunlight when I was trying to walk back to my dorm. You should always walk on well-lit and crowded areas, I was doing both. A man was walking the opposite way, he was staring at me, avoid eye contact and keep walking, and I did. Once he kept walking by me I thought he would stay gone, he did not. He turned around and ran until he was walking in front of me this time. Then he looked
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“How old are you?” I asked, “I 'm 34 and why? How old are you?” I thought maybe if I gave him a fake age and make him think that I am younger than what I actually am, he would walk away. “I just turned 16,” I lied, his answer disgusted me “it doesn’t matter, it’s just 18 years, you can pretend I 'm 18 while we’re at it.”
When I finally made it back home, I told my friends what had happened, of course my male friends could not resist the chance to say “it’s because what you’re wearing,” even if I was just wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, “it’s because you look too nice and approachable,” even after I tried my best to avoid any kind of contact, “it’s because you’re a girl,” even though I did not choose to be a

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