Feedback Is An Effective Method For Children 's Learning Essay

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Feedback is an effective method to use which helps to aid children 's learning. This method is used frequently in the class I work with. For example, the teacher marks children 's homework, other worksheets the children did in class, which I then file in the children 's folders. The teacher then gives them feedback by writing comments on the sheets stating how good the child accomplish the task or whether the child needed to put more effort in completing the task, also the teacher wrote if the child needs improvement. For example, he would guide the child what he can do next time in order to improve his work. Based on my own experience I think feedback is a great method to use in educational settings as it guides children 's learning. For example, when I submit my assignment at university and when my lecturer marks my assignments he gives it back to me electronically and I can see the grade I have been given and the comments. When I read through the comments I can see where I did good and where I needed improvement on. This feedback guides me how to improve which can help me to boost my grades up in the next assignment. However, some may argue that feedback can affect children 's self esteem, especially if the feedback is negative (Green, 2011). However, if an individual avoids giving negative feedback then that feedback will not be useful for the child because they will not know where they are at in their progress and will not know what skills they need to develop in order…

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