The Importance Of Management

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6) An additional lesson I learned from this book was that if feedback is stored up until that person can’t keep it inside anymore and they throw all the built up feedback at the observed person, they will dent the facts. The person who has been thrown the feedback will become defensive and resentful. They will not own what they did wrong or try to change their behavior. It taught me that providing quick feedback when the behavior happens is better because it deals with one behavior at a time and the person will be more likely to listen and try to fix their behavior.
7) The most valuable advice for me personally was the idea of creating a goal, reviewing it daily, and aligning my behavior to match my goals. This is valuable to me because I
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The goals are the antecedent while praising and/or re-directing is the consequence that shapes future behaviors. They work perfectly in influencing employees to behave in a way that is productive. I also found interesting the idea that Teresa Lee was seen as complaining by the manager because she did not know what she desired the problem to actually be like. I feel that having a problem and complaining are similar. People complain because things are not going the way they want them to go, which is the definition of what a problem is by the manager’s standards. However, she wouldn’t necessarily be complaining because she was seeking an answer or help. Complaining would be telling someone your problem without expecting a solution or input from the other …show more content…
Reprimands would discourage employees from trying and make them insecure. If a learning employee does a good job they are praised, and if they don’t perform well, then the goal is reset and made clear. Reprimands, however, are used for employees who know the job, but won’t do it. Reprimands change the attitude of the employee and gets them back on track. Reprimands can be used on experienced employees because after reprimanding, managers can praise employees on their past performance, which would re-direct

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