Essay about Features Of Video Game Addiction

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Warning Signs
There are multitudes of warning signs that others can see to tell if an individual has a gaming addiction. There are features of video game addiction that can be in the criteria for diagnosing the addiction. Principles of Addiction and King, Delfabbro, and Griffiths (2013) states that there are 6 features that are criteria include: Salience, Mood modification, tolerance, withdrawal, relapse, and harm. Salience comes around when playing video games is all the person can think about, it starts to dominate thoughts, emotions, and behavior. When not playing all they can think about it having another play session (King et al., 2013). Mood modification refers to the change in a person’s mood state that comes from playing video games; having increased physiological arousal or a tranquilizing feeling of calm. Tolerance refers to the process of increasing amounts of video game play are required to reach the mood modifying effects (King et al., 2013) Withdrawal are the aversive mood states that occur when gaming suddenly discontinued or reduced, feeling irritability or frustrated and then going into withdrawal motivates the individual to play video games on daily basis to alleviate the unpleasant feelings (King et al., 2013). Relapse is the tendency for the player to revert back to earlier patterns of video game play for even more extreme pattern (King et al., 2013). Then last is harm in which the negative consequences of excessive video game play harm counts as…

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