Essay about Feasibility Of A Wind Turbine

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Feasibility of a Wind Turbine to Power Wal-mart Supercenter in Kansas

In order to prove the worthiness of wind power as an alternative to conventional sources in order to power a Wal-mart Supercenter in Kansas, the contents of this report show the benefits of the usage. Current conventional power sources for Wal-mart come from electric lines, which derives from burning coal. [3] By looking into the eventual price saving and potentials for bonuses for renewable energy, the benefits of using wind energy cannot be denied. In addition to the economic benefits, the company will enjoy the increases in the opinions of the public, the increased environmental friendliness, and the global usages. In order to meet the requirements of Wal-mart, the wind turbine plant must create enough power to create 20% more power than is required by a full-sized Wal-mart Supercenter. In addition, Wal-mart has set more stipulations such that the height limit for the wind energy plant is limited to twice the height of the Wal-mart Storefront and the entire wind power production system should be kept on Wal-mart property. The average height of a Wal-mart is around 30 ft, thus the height limit for individual turbines is 60 ft. With these limitations in mind, the size and power-generating potential of each turbine is calculable. The cost for the lattice that hold the turbine, a guyed-lattice, has a fee of $10,350 based on purchasing from Bergey. [11][13] The 23 ft-diameter turbine itself has…

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