Final Take Home: A Case Study

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Final Take Home Exam
1. The two bases of power I believe apply to my project two experience the most are Reward Power and Expert Power. First, reward power is having the ability to influence others through incentivizing and rewarding good behavior, rather than focusing on the negatives. I feel that reward power was used by the faculty (professors and peer mentors) in this second project situation. Throughout our briefings, we were given feedback, but also were told the items of our project that were above and beyond the expectations. Hearing this from the peer mentor and professors really helped our team to focus on the positives and continue to reach new heights within the project because we knew we would be rewarded with a good grade and
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Feasibility analysis and report

One of Copeland Associates’ current cliental is seeking in-depth information about their industry so they can make adjustments to their company to improve their bottom line and current performance. The industry you will be researching will be the Insert industry here. This task will require you to analyze the internal and external business environment through different methodology and competitor analyzation in order to determine the industry key success factors and rankings against those key success factors. This project will utilize researching method skills to provide our client with the most in-depth report.

The second task deals with entrepreneurial ventures in the industry that was researched in the previous project. The management team would like a feasibility report on a business concept that you and your team establish within the industry. You are expected to utilize the knowledge you obtained from the first project to leverage whether your concept will be feasible in the current and future environment. This project will require you to conduct a specified/niche industry analysis, and a comprehensive business concept including management, operational, marketing, information systems, and financial plans for the upcoming 5 years the business will be running. At the end, you will be able to report to management whether this concept would be feasible in the real

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