Essay On Fear Of Driving

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One teen I know of who doesn’t have a driver’s licenses and who is absolutely scared out of her mind to drive, wants to eventually overcome her fear of driving and get her license. The one teen I know of is me, I’m 19 and don’t have my driver’s licenses. I have gotten in the driver’s seat before and driven places but knowing I could put not only myself but anybody in the car with me in a lot of danger, scares me. Some of my family members have gotten in one or more car accidents in my lifetime and that also scares me. Another reason why I am so afraid of driving is because I grew up in a small town with no stop lights, a few stop signs, and very little traffic. So moving to a bigger town with stop lights, more stop signs, and a lot of traffic frightened me. Maybe I’m just scared of failing, failing my instructor, failing my parents, and failing myself. I mean I have a car waiting for me, and my parents would …show more content…
Teens are waiting for the right time-for them. Teenagers are scared, nervous, and definitely not motivated to get behind the wheel. With therapy though that could calm and relax the teens to maybe giving it a try. Trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy is defined as a therapy “Which includes revisiting the accident site and graded exposure to fearful stimuli, can help patients to overcome their fears, but it can pose practical problems” (Williams, 2010). With this kind of therapy, it could end up leaving the teen really relaxed and ready or it could scare them even more. Fredric Neuman (2013), author of “Driving Phobia: An Ideal Treatment,” explains that a driving phobia can be treated: “The essential element of an exposure therapy is convincing patients that they will not lose control” (Neuman, 2013). If therapists take the right course of action in treating the teen’s phobia, it’s less likely for teens to be in an

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