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Introduction: Bordering Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei is Malaysia, which is located in South East Asia covering 329,845 square kilometers in two islands namely Mainland Asia and Borneo (which also has three countries in the said island). There are two regions namely Peninsular Malaysia which is basically mainland Asia and Malaysian Borneo that covers Borneo while 13 states and three Federal Territories compose the country as a whole.

The Federation of Malaya was established in August 31, 1957 with the inclusion of Sarawak, Sabah, and Singapore in September 16, 1963. The latter country, however, left the federation to become an independent country in August 9, 1965.

PEST Analysis

Political Analysis
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The Senate elects its president and deputy president from among its own members. The House of Representatives consists of 219 members who will serve for five years.

Judicial Branch
Malaysia has an independent judiciary and two court systems. The sharia system is composed of a high court and there are courts in each state. Superior courts include the Federal Court, the Court of Appeals, and two High Courts. The Federal Court is the topmost judicial authority and final court of appeal. The Court of Appeals acts as an appeals court between the Federal Court and the High Courts. The High Courts - one each eastern and one for western Malaysia - have original, appellate, and revisionary jurisdiction. There exists a Special Court which hears civil and criminal cases that involves state officials.

Najib Razak Najib Razak was placed on position on April 3, 2009 as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. He promised changes for Malaysia’s ambition to be a high income country through these measures: the announcement of a government plan named as the New Economic Model, revision to a 30% Malay ownership rule, and cutting subsidies for petrol, diesel LPG, and sugar.

Income tax rates for individuals range from 0% to 26% while corporate tax rates are pegged to two: companies with paid up capital less than RM2.5M on its first

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