Favorite Features Of My Mother Essay

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What are my favorite features about my mom? She has many features, but I like to think most about her hair, her eyes, and her smile. Those are the most elegant things about her. I could choose a lot of different features, but I’ll stick with my favorites. I am just like my mom, so I think she’s the easiest person to write about. She has the most unique things about her. Some even bad, but they are what makes her. She would love to be my topic to write, I think it would make her feel good about herself. She has always given me a lot of inspiration. My mom’s hair is one of my favorite things about her. Maybe because it reminds me of mine in some ways. That might be because its red, or it might be because its long. Her hair is very curly, which in fact, is not like mine. She doesn’t have …show more content…
She uses her eyes a lot for emotions. Crying, anger, love, etc. Her eyes are very warm, and kind. She tends to wear a lot of makeup. She never wants to go outside without it. She sometimes wears too much and never listens when people tell her she doesn’t need it. She likes to go and get different makeup every so often, and likes for me to help her pick it out. Even though I’m not that much into makeup, I still find ways to help her. Her eyelashes are long and pretty, just like her hair. Her eyelashes are also curly. They make her eyes stand out so much more. She might use her eyes for things like rolling, which usually annoys me a lot. But in the end, I do the same thing. I guess I get that from her too. I don’t like it when she rolls her eyes because it usually means she’s mad, or maybe annoyed. I don’t like my mom to be angry. I would much rather her be happy. You can always tell how she’s feeling by looking in her eyes. That’s one other thing I get from her. It’s nice having a lot in common with your mom. Especially since most people don’t have a lot in common with their moms. She has very lovely eyes and they are majestic in

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