Hayden's Those Winter Sundays 'And My Father'

To outsiders you are just another dad, but to your family you represent the world. From the very beginning fathers have been looked down on and also perceived as a missing factor in a child's life. However, in “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden and “My Father's Song” by Simon Ortiz, a very different picture has been painted. Mother tend to get all of the credit; however father play one of the most important roles in every family. The very first position that a father plays is as the main provider for the family. Most father automatically step into the role of leader of the family. They provide the basic needs for the home to function properly. “We planted corn one Spring at ACU-/ We planted several times” (8-9), as mentioned by Ortiz, this statement gives the appearance that the …show more content…
Ortiz thought back “I remember the very softness/ of cool and warm sand and tiny alive mice/ and my father saying things” (24-26). The speaker felt the mice during this memory, he couldn't remember the exact words, but that moment of being with his father he held like the blood in his veins. That moment carved a memory that we would want to share with our own children. Though this statement as vague it held a lot of weight in the speaker's tone for his love for his father.
Whereas Hayden spoke with great resentment when he mentioned “Speaking indifferently to him,/ who had driven out the cold/ and polished my good shoes as well” (10-13). This reflected the pain and frustration that he felt about his father. Many can relate to this, when the father is angry, because your shoes are filthy after father taught you several times how to clean and shine those shoes. Many can relate to their parents being mad and hearing them say, “you are a representation of me, now go and clean yourself up”. This reflects that the speaker himself was annoyed by his father's Sunday

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