Fast Food Restaurants Have Changed The Way We Eat Essay example

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A pain that doesn’t hurt, the rumbling that’s not a storm, you have strength but feel weak. After a long evening at work you are feeling every bit of the fatigue that comes with being hungry. You have 30 minutes till your night class begins. You’re tight for time and currently passing the exit to get home. The last time you ate was at noon and that triggered this dilemma. Taking that exit would make you late to class but siting through class with an empty growling stomach would make it hard for you to concentrate. It took one last growl then you decided you were going to grab a bite to eat but not to go home. You found yourself pulling into a fast food restaurants parking lot. Fast food restaurants have changed the way we eat. It made our job a little easier especially when you don’t have the time to cook. Fast food was made for people that are on the go and need food quickly. Many fast food restaurants have been built and two of the most popular spots to stop at are a McDonalds and In and Out. Grabbing a quick meal before class from ether place is a reasonable decision. You always want the best tasting food to satisfy your hungry. Those two restaurants are in a constant tug of war battle when deciding which fast food restaurant is better. And between In and Out and McDonalds, In and Out is the better fast food restaurant.
Location for a fast food restaurant is important and they are normally located off of a highway or close to a college or mall. It is not hard to find a…

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