Fast Food Nation Research Paper

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Knowing what is in your fast food might make you think twice the next time you devour it. As the rise of the fast food nation in America has increased to an all-time high, so has the weight and waists of Americans all around the country. Not only has the United States grown to love the acquired taste of greasy golden fries and juicy burgers, it has also grown ignorant to the way their food is prepared. In the novel, “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal”(2002), by Eric Schlosser, he makes compelling points in his position against the fast food industry. In “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal” (2002), Eric Schlosser argues that “… Fast food is solely responsible for every social problem now …show more content…
In the mind of a child, the next cool thing is always what they strive to obtain, and the ones who purchase the item is always the adult or parent. On, they declare as to what the consequences are of children who have mal eating habits, “When you take the time to see what children are actually eating, it becomes very apparent why so many children are dealing with obesity.” Furthermore, Schlosser ponders on the reality of the kids’ attraction to so much fast food, “Children would be the new restaurant chain’s target customers.”(41). Many parents go to extremes to please their children; including buying them anything they want to eat. When McDonald’s applies pathos in their equation, they add in the new “it” toy and captivate the attention of a child. Furthermore, the more the children want the toy, the more food they purchase daily, monthly, and yearly. The health issues following so much consumption of these treats can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Facing the valid facts and proving ethos, the fast food nation would go to any extremes, including damaging the health of multiple innocent children, just to get an extra dollar in their pockets. With the opening of so many new fast food restaurants, new hazardous and treacherous jobs are created and must be filled with employees willing to go the extra mile to please a costumer. As society continues to increase in size, the job opportunities are minute but the initiation of a new

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