Fast Food Globalization Essay

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Jeremy Klee
International Business 02W & CRW
Research Paper 9/25/13

Globalization has been like an epidemic spreading across the business world in the last few decades. There is no denying that the true pioneers of spreading their business internationally have been the fast food industry. No other industry has had the perfect combination of staying true to its business roots but at the same time adapting themselves to the different countries they operate in better than the fast food industry. No matter where you go in the world you can get a Big Mac and it will taste exactly the same as it does here, but there are also many different options that customers in the United States would have no familiarity with. As will be obvious
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The French also apparently enjoy pizza so Pizza Hut introduced a pizza in France that is made with local cheeses and sweet ingredients (Travel Channel). England is close to being the most American like country there is in the world, but even they have some interesting food choices. Surprisingly Indian cuisine has big impact on British cuisine both Dominos and Subway offer foods with Indian flavors. Dominos has a tandoori chicken pizza and Subway has options to put Indian spices on a sub even on top of a sub that contains an entire English breakfast on it including meat and eggs (Travel Channel). Starbucks in the United Kingdom offers a falafel Panini the traditional Middle Eastern sandwich that is placed on ciabatta bread instead of the traditional pita bread (Travel Channel). Starbucks also has a dessert that is called a chocolate covered cornflake square which is exactly what it sounds like it is sort of like a cornflake brownie that both children and adults love (Lauren Donaldson). Some of the more interesting food offering found in other parts of Europe like the Big Rosti at McDonalds in Germany which has a potato pancake with bacon, cheese, cheese sauce, in between a bacon-and-cheese bun (Lauren Donaldson). In Poland Burger King offers a chicken nugget burger which is basically a chicken sandwich that is made with three chicken nuggets with lettuce, mayonnaise, and a special curry sauce on it (Lauren Donaldson). Subways in Russia offer a

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