Fashion Is A Combination Of Art, Love And History Essay

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Fashion is a combination of Art, love and History. It gives a person a voice without speaking and a purpose. Fashion has been around for decades , before it was given a name. In Queen Elizabethan I Era one 's clothing showed social status, individuality, and grace. Women were mostly into fashion, their clothes were unrealistic ; wide hips and small waist (corset). Another glamorizing or disfiguring tool used by fashion-conscious women was the corset. Some were designed to create an elongated figure , exaggerated woman’s hips , and flattened bust, in imitation of the naturally thin Queen Elizabeth” (Hull,1996).Clothes were more than materials, they become a part of the person wearing them. Fashion even played an important role in the biblical ages, even the style of fashion has change over the years . Fashion matter because it express and one’s personality just by sight,the bible stated women should ,“The Bible explicitly addresses modesty, perhaps most famously in 1 Timothy 2:9, which instructs women to adorn themselves “with modesty and self-control”. Other Scripture passages similarly encourage Christians to focus on inner beauty over outer adornment… Fashion matters because bodies matter”(75). Men and Women had their own style and dress code. Your clothing was a representation of your class and personality. Both Eras prohibit women to wear pants ,because pants have traditionally been worn by men. Throughout the decade fashion has develop into art, and art into…

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