Personal Narrative: Annalee Johnson's Life

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This weekend we said goodbye to a very important person in our lives, Annalee Johnson. She meant the world to me, I loved her gentleness, her kindness and her grace and I was always in awe of her. I am forever grateful for her and helping to keep our family together. You see we are the epitome of a "step" (for lack of a better word) family that works. Why? Because the adults in our lives wanted it to and without her it would never had happened.

As I have struggled over the last few weeks knowing her life was coming to an end, she and Floyd are the last of our older generation in our family that we grew up with. I have sat and had time time to reflect on our family, sometimes in the solitude of my own thoughts, sometimes just sharing with others and other times with another sister, though not my own.

I have been extremely blessed to have a few strong godly women in my life, who were the essence of grace, dignity and lived in faith daily, Ann was one of them. She welcomed my sisters and I into her family, arms opened wide, always a hug and smile when we walked through her door. You see we were there to pick up our brother and sister and she was always there to
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It has stood through many storms, hundreds of years old and brings joy to many families today. When I think of our family and friends I think of an old tree such as the Angel Tree. We have weathered so many storms, it has many, many branches, all twisted together and off in many directions. The trunk so strong and winding because of these great families who decided to do it differently. I miss my Geema more than words can say and I will miss Ann in that same way. I only pray that I can be half the woman that the two of them were, that I can be an example of God 's unending love and make you two proud. I know you two are watching over us all. I love you and we will miss

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