Fans Contribution To The Korean Wave Case Study

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4. Reaction videos and fans’ contribution to the Korean Wave
4.1. Methodology
In the following analysis, I will consider the changes in the various practices of the Korean Wave fans on their most used social media platform: YouTube.
The official YouTube channels of the production agencies and of the fans are becoming more and more powerful on influencing a bigger amount of people and to find a bigger cultural market.
The production agencies have found in YouTube a new alternative platform where they can promote their artists and have the possibility to reach a bigger audience. YouTube allows to reach the global fans in a more natural way.
From their part, fans are developing reaction videos to the contents and artists that most interest them.
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Other videos include official dance practices, behind the scenes of programs or recordings, concerts, various events, entertainment programs, artists’ direct videos about their relaxing time.
The various typologies of videos will be described based on the views number and the difference between the other videos typologies on the same channels. A comparison of how much are the views about the Kpop related videos and the non Kpop related videos will also be offerd.
With regard to the YouTube channels selected, the reasons of the selections are different for each one.
The first one, ReacttotheK, is being considered important because there is a development of the channel in a way that is possible to see the various activities that a fan can do to publicize the product of his or her favorite artist. It is relevant to understand the change of the videos typology, there is an attempt to involve more people to the Kpop.
The second channel to be analyzed is of Tristan Paredes. This one can be relevant for this thesis because there are feedbacks of the owner about the various capacities of the Kpop artists. The comments of a professional singing teacher can give an influence on the perception of the quality of the songs in
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The most important factor is how they are able to manage this change with some different activities that are hiding it.
Finally, it will be considered the influence of the channel BRISxLIFE. It was a YouTube channel that had nothing to do with Kpop and Korean Wave, but after some suggestions of Kpop fans, there was a change in the various activities and in the opinion about the new trend of Kpop. In this case is very clear the influence of the fans on making possible that their interest is more known as much as possible.
The spreading of Kpop can be seen through these various activities that are related to different aspects and sectors of life and music industry.
4.2. The catalogue of the reaction videos
• Direct reaction video: the fan of Korean Wave, also the owner of the YouTube channel is doing the video to himself or herself. He/she comments the original video that he/she is reacting to. These videos make evident the loved elements of the original

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