Social Media And Hip Hop's Impact On Society

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We all can agree that Technology has impacted our daily lives. Not just technology but also music that gives us a certain feeling of pleasure to take a break from the real world for our own ways of entertainment. Social Media and Hip Hop, both have a major influence of it users and listeners due to the fact that it improve relationship with family members who are far away and to interact with strangers as a way to look for solutions to their own problems with others who used to be in a similar situation that can guide them with an accurate answer and also as a way to enjoy singing around with their family and friends. Though it popularity of users and listeners are mainly are teenagers. As a result, it leads to a double edge sword relation …show more content…
Hip Hop is defined as "mixture of rapping beat boxing, and/or electronic backing in rhythmic music. Hip hop affects teenagers in a positive way because of a way for people to think. Hip Hop can be a way for rappers to express themselves fully about how the society give disadvantages to certain races or gender, which is needed to be changed for the better of the future. In addition, Hip Hop is the voices of the people that can’t be spoken loud enough for the individuals that are suffering though these issues. Also gives a message to the world of political awareness of topics about "radical inequality, gender inequality, police abuse, voting, education, family and more" (Positive Effects of Hip Hop Music). Rappers today not only influence teenagers to learn from their mistakes about the issues about society, but also figure out ways to better themselves to avoid making the same mistakes as them to having a brighter future. On the other hand, it can also influence the young generation in bad behavior because of the rappers are talking about how drugs, alcohol, or racism/sexism affect their life in the lyrics that inspire teenagers of the opposite way to learn from their mistakes. Studies has shown that "more than 1,200 California community-college students ages 15-25 took part in the study and answered survey questions about their music-listening habits, usage alcohol and drugs and aggressive behaviors, such as fighting or threatening people with violence"(Study Says Hip-Hop Listeners More Prone To Drug Use, Aggression ). As a result, Hip Hop can help teenagers learn from rappers mistakes as a guide to lead them but also it can influence other teenagers to do the wrong things which most rappers were trying to

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