Family Relationship Interview Questions

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Interview One Questions
The first interview is between two sisters. I questioned the oldest sister, which is 30 years old. I believe that this sibling relationship is between Intimate and congenial. The reason I think this, is because the sisters seem very close and seem to accept that their relationship is valued by both of them. I also believe that the relationship is congenial because the siblings seem to be friends as well. These sisters seem to be emotionally supportive, and they understand each other, and know most everything about each other.

Q. What is the age difference between yourself and your brother or sister?
A. I am two years older. I am the middle child. I have one much
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I do not know my brother at all. My sister and I are close, and we talk almost every day. We have even lived together after we moved out of my mother’s house.

Q. Do you trust your brother or sister?
A.Yes, I trust my sister.

Q. Do you show affection toward your brother or sister?
A.Yes, we hug whenever we see each other, and when we talk on the phone, we always say “I love you” at the end of the conversations.

Q. Do you and your siblings do activities together?
A. All the time. My sister is a very active part of my life as well as my children’s life.

Q. What do you think impacts your relationship?
A. My children seem to have a big impact on our relationship. Ever since I had my first child, it seems like we have become much closer.

Q. How do you feel when you are with your brother or sister?
A. I feel at ease, and I don’t feel like I need to have my guard up. I feel like I can talk to her about anything.

Q. Do you and your brother or sister support each other in your daily activities?
A. Yes.

Q. Is your relationship different from when you were young?
A. Yes, when we were younger, we argued a lot and did not do the same things, we had different friends.

Q. Is there anything that you feel would improve your relationship with your brother or
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Not anymore. I was very jealous of my sister when we were young and teenagers. I felt that my mom always spoiled her.

Q. Do you offer your brother or sister advice?

A. All the time. But, she also shares advice with me. This is a big part of why we talk so much. We always are asking what the other thinks about a situation.

Interview Two Questions
For this interview I talked with a lady about her relationship with her older brother. They were the only two children, and seemed to be close when they were younger, but grew apart, once they became married and having families of their own. The type of relationship I think these siblings have is between Congenial and Loyal. The reason is because they are not that close, but they care about each other, and are busy with their own families. I think that they are loyal siblings because they share the same childhood and parenting, and have regular contact with each other on holidays, or if the family comes together for their parents or children. I also think that these siblings support each other if there is a crisis.
Q. What is the age difference between yourself and your brother or sister?
A. 3

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