A Narrative Essay On Who I Am Today

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I come from a very close family. We love to do things together and I think that has helped shape who I am today. Whenever I was unsure in making a decision, my family was always there to help me. My parents have very strong moral beliefs that they have instilled in me since the day I was born. Although my family is wonderful, they do not have a strong faith. Growing up, I remember we would be in and out of different churches. I could tell my dad had a desire to take us all to church but I think my mom was slightly more hesitant. I think the reason for this is that both of my parents were raised by Jehovah 's Witnesses. They do not talk about their experiences in that much but I can tell that it has made them slightly hesitant about any sort …show more content…
It made me feel guilty but I felt like it would be weird to go without my family. I would get so mad at myself because I really wanted to go but I was letting my fear of looking weird get in my way. During my junior year of high school I finally worked up the courage to ask one of my friends if I could sit with her at church the next week. She told me I could and I immediately felt a lot better. The following week I went to church and I sat with her and her family. I expected it to be weird but it really was not. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. That church became my regular church. At my church I was asked if I would like to help occasionally with the Sunday school classes. It was amazing to see how God was working though such small children. I loved being able to explain a Bible lesson to them and have them understand what I was talking about. I think through finding this passion I was able to grow even closer to God. I think that He has equipped everyone with a special set of gifts and talents and being able to discover them is a really wonderful …show more content…
I feel like God placed a lot of really wonderful opportunities in my life for me to explore my passion for working with children. At my school, I was involved in a program called Student Aid. Through that I was able to go into the kindergarten classroom every day for two class periods to assist the teacher. I would work in small groups with the children on basic skills. I would also occasionally lead reading groups with the children. At the end of the year the teacher told me that she really felt that some of the children would not have been able to move on to the next grade if it were not for me. Hearing that just encouraged me even more to want to teach. I feel like God placed those children in my life at such a perfect time.
Through my life I have faced many challenges with my faith. It has been hard not coming from a family who has a strong faith in Christ. However, I know that God is faithful because He has shown me that He is time and time again. I believe that I am at Olivet for a reason and I believe that God knows that reason. I am excited to see how I can grow in my faith even more in my time

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