Family Literacy Night By Gingerbread Llama And The Bully Goat

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During family literacy night I was able to practice my DLTA lesson and my storytelling lesson. A variety of students asked to hear a story first and others asked to be read to. The book I read was Llama Llama and the Bully Goat, and the story I told was The Gingerbread Man with a different ending from the traditional story. Family Literacy Night was a great opportunity to practice my storytelling skills, and practice what questions allow them to think deeper. Although I enjoyed it there were moments that I thought about changing some questions and even changing my book. I also noticed the amount of distractions that can draw the attention away from the reading, but I learned a variety of ways that may work with students. Reading my DLTA, I noticed a lot of things that I would change, whether it was the questions or even the book. During the lesson one thing I noticed went well was how interactive the students were with the book and its pictures. I was able to keep most attention to me and the reading using the pictures. One thing that I would change is some questions I had during the lesson, I had some simple “yes” and “no” questions and I could see the students listening wanted more out of the question or lost interest of that page I was reading instantly. Changing the questions to be more challenging for the students will increase the thought process and will help the students be active with the reading. Although I had yes and no questions I had some questions that…

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