Personal Narrative: Single Parent Home

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Browning. Session 1. Journal
Growing up as a small child, I lived in a single parent home. We were presented with a lot of great challenges doing those times, with my mother trying to raise three boys and keep a job was very tough, several times we had to spend time over relatives so we could eat. My older brother had to be the one to look after us. He would often suffer from migraine headaches and food was scarce often for us, we would put any and everything we could find in the fridge on a slice of bread even if it was just syrup.
With my mother having very little education she could only work certain jobs and that really affected our livelihood. There wasn’t any job security for her so we had to move a lot, it was hard for us to make
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I went on a visit to the University of Oklahoma, we walked around campus visiting with other students and faculty, I attended a football game that day as well it was a very exciting, so now at this point I am very eager to take my talents to Oklahoma. I disliked certain subjects in school, let me clarify that statement, I hated certain subjects in school so I would take classes in the summer so I didn’t have to take them during the year. My first job I worked for was at the United Parcel Service, I worked there during the summer when school was out, working there showed me what hard labor was all about and I told myself I was not going to have to work this strenuous ever again, because I felt going to college was the only way to go to get a great job. I remember my older brother would always tell me to take the
Scholastic Assessment Test as many times as possible, just to give myself a chance to get a higher score for certain schools like Rice and SMU who were looking for 1300 and above scores. Did I listen no, I took the test once and it was scheduled on a game day, my focus was shot, there were also students from
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So now at this point, all community colleges in Texas are coming by to acquire about me, I chose to accept a scholarship from Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas, my heart was still in Oklahoma, I still had hopes of attending there I felt once I completed my 2 years they would offer me another

scholarship. Division 1 level was still in my site, at least that’s what I believed, I started to complain about my playing time to the coach who had his focus solely set on one guy who was a sophomore, he was starting to get a lot of buzz from the local media because of his success, I just wanted to get the ball more but coach would always say we need more guys like you. I didn’t like my position with the team so
I started looking for schools to transfer too, I begin talks with the head ball coach at the University of
Pittsburg State, talks were progressing, this whole process felt like I was making these decisions on my own with no guidance are help from no one. I begin the transfer process from Trinity Valley cc. my classes were setup, now I was just waiting on a scholarship from Pittsburg State, I received word that

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