Essay on Family Is A Important Part Of My Life

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Family is a very important part of my life. Family was very important to Susie too. Susie was the oldest of her siblings; she had a younger sister, Lindsey, and a younger brother, Buckley. Susie’s family went through a massive tragedy when they lost her. All families are different in almost every way. Things tend to change after they go through a tragedy together. Some families are close and stay close. Some families are close, but grow apart. Some families are not close but they grow close. Their mother had an affair and left, “They had been deeply, separately, wholly in love - apart from her children my mother could reclaim this love, but with them she began to drift. It was my father who grew toward us as the years went by; it was my mother who grew away.” Though I did not lose a sister or a daughter, I have lost my two younger brothers and my mother. My family was close before they died, and they remain close. Some of the family did drift apart. (When I say family I mean aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. not just immediate family.) This quote relates to me because even though my other family remained close, my father and I grew apart from them. The word “peers” can mean almost anything dealing with the people around you. They could be your friends, your family, your acquaintances, your friends, or people you do not even know. These people can affect you greatly, whether it is bad or good. Generally it is good, but there are those times when they are bad. After…

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