Family Interview Questions

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I was able to interview one of my close friends and coworker. Alex has been a good friend for a while now but we never really talked about sex or how it was learned. So, having this interview with her was really awesome. She was really open and we ended up just talking rather than that awkward feeling of an actual interview. Since Alex was little she had always been very curious about sex and the difference between girls and boys. So, at the age of four she started asking questions. Alex’s mom was the main person to have taught her about gender and sex and at four her mom answered Alex’s questions very honestly and very “straight-forward” in regards to body parts and what body parts make a woman verses a man. As Alex grew up her mom continued …show more content…
Alex and her dad are not close. Her dad has always had a view that men should always be the leader and the man runs the house. However, her dad “hates everyone for no reason unless you are family.” Alex came out to her dad at 20 and was shocked but relieved that her dad accepted her lifestyle. Her mom’s parents have always respected Alex and her lifestyle but once in a while will make a slur toward race or homosexuality. However, they never thought or said her lifestyle is wrong. Her dad’ parents disowned her. The disownment was due to something off topic but her grandpa does stay in the background a little. As far as Alex knowns her grandparents are not prejudice but they are just unhappy people. Alex is also from Colorado. The values and views there are different in the aspect that Alex was very open in school and never felt that she needed to hide her lifestyle. When she moved to North Carolina it was very different. She was still opened and taking on her mom’s ways of loving everyone she just took on a view of “If you don’t like my lifestyle then I don’t care. I accept you but if you cannot accept (not agree but just accept) me then please leave me alone.” Alex did tell me when she moved to North Carolina she was shocked. She thought “How can you be so stupid as to judge and hate someone the way you do” (speaking of the general public views in the south) Ultimately, Alex says “my mom’s opinion is the only one I care about.” At first she was worried about how her friends would react but then she hit a point where she just didn’t care. However, out of respect of the values of her residents (we both work in a nursing home) she keeps it quiet so that her residents will not feel uncomfortable about her helping them with showers and bathroom stuff. Also, she just doesn’t want her residents to look at her

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