Personal Narrative: My Family Interview

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For this family interview, I interviewed my mother, Adrienne, and then connected the information I collected from the interview with themes that are related to the course. My mother is a 39 year old single mom of four kids that works a full time job. She has been through it all with marriage, divorce, remarriage and the difficulties of blending two different families. The first theme I derived from the interview is the work-family conflict. My mother works full time and supports my brother and two sisters that are still living with her. Another theme that resulted from the interview is divorce. Many members of my family, including my parents, have been divorced. The final theme I will discuss is remarriage and blended families. Many of my family …show more content…
I really enjoyed the interview process because I was able to find out my things about my family that I was not aware of. My mother was very honest with her answers, and that really helped me when it came time to discover overarching themes from the interview. The first theme, the work-family conflict, really related to my mother’s current situation. My youngest sister has been having medical issues lately; therefore, my mother has had problems with missing work to travel out of town to meet with specialists. The second theme, divorce, was practically a given. Divorce is not just isolated to my parents in my family. My mother’s parents and many of my aunts and uncles have been divorced. The final theme, remarriage and blended families is also common in my family. In addition to my mother’s remarriage that resulted in a blended family, I learned from the interview my mother’s perspective on her mother’s remarriage. My grandmother’s second marriage was to my current Papa who already had two daughters from his first marriage. I was able to relate to my mom on what it is like to be children in a blended family. Overall, the family interview helped me to make personal connections with many of the sociological themes that have been discussed in the course. This has resulted in a better understanding of the work-family conflict, divorce, and remarriage that results in a blended

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