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Since the Industrial Era of mankind began, we have seen a lot of changes in various aspects of society. Everything from jobs and technology to individuals and families has changed. When you look at the changes in families and marriages in the last thirty years you notice vast and dramatic changes in these areas at a rapid pace. In order to gain some perspective and insight on these societal changes throughout the last thirty years within families, I had to interview my mother about her experience as a nine year old in this society. My mother is currently in her first marriage and has been married for nineteen years; she has three children and both of my parents each have a child of their own. During the interview we compared modern families and trends of relations now as opposed to how it was when she was growing up.
We began our interview on the subject of co-habitation and whether or not it was a
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She believes that people worked to keep their family together before and now Americans are much more individualistic. This individualism causes such an easy separation between families due to focus being on what is best for ones self as opposed to what is best for the family she explains. I asked for her opinion on whether she felt this individualism was a positive or negative thing and she felt that subject was somewhat convoluted. On one hand individualism was important to her because it support this idea of independence and doing what is best for one’s self, but she also see this as a terrible thing because family stability is important for child development and progression in their lives. Being a vice principal at an elementary school my mother values and seeing the importance in family stability. This discussion on family stability can be related to the authority between husband and wife and that was the subject of my next

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