Family Case Study

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Justin 1
I got introduced to Bernard by my grandparents, as they were neighbors to each other. My first impression was that he was another elderly resident. As I kept visiting him on my grandmother’s behalf, I learned about Bernard’s heart condition when a social worker came into his home and helped him with daily tasks like going out for a walk. I felt morbid about this; that he couldn’t do it on his own. Sometimes later, Bernard got an assisted breather for his home. Every time I would go over now, it felt like he was confined; but instead he would be bursting with energy and enjoyment. From this, I asked Bernard about his medical condition. He told me that his nerves are breaking down, and he needs help from his wife to do daily tasks. Bernard
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What I learned about her personality is that she is most of the time, a bossy person especially if she is talking about something she is passionate about. Out of this, Drishti and I don’t meet eye to eye on many topics. Though our friendship is strong, such as when either of us have problems we help each other out and comfort the other – like the time Drishti found out her mother’s colon was inflamed. There is also a forgiving aspect to our relationship. A specific example I remember was we had to meet up for a Science Olympiad project day at Drishti’s house. On that day, I said some horrendous comments about her, and raised tensions. Though, when I got there, she dropped all the hatred I gave to her. Instead we collaborated, talked, and connected on the project. Drishti has always been an encouraging person, such as when I get excited about a subject whether it was politics or mathematics she would encourage me to keep pursuing it. The friendship also became protective, as Drishti and I would tell each other if something bad had happened – this had one of us comforting each other or give advice. In late March, I saw Drishti not in her usually upbeat mood. I asked her, what I found out was that her mother had a miscarriage. From this I spent the entire week with her, until she got better at handling it. Another even similar is when Drishti’s mom started taking medicine for her colon. Drishti got very worried …show more content…
At a barbeque at his co-worker’s house I remember one of them saying that my father talks and brags about all my accomplishments, but doesn’t say it in front of me. In reality I should be grateful for my father as I don’t appreciate him enough for all the things he does for me like cooking dinner every night. My father has seen me take use of him, not like family, and he sees this. I feel bad about this, but he doesn’t let me go and cares about me because he loves me. My father cannot be the only one guilty of being proud of me, my mother also shares my accomplishments – but at the same time doesn’t say it to me. At home, the office area there is a small stack on a table that is loaded with miscellaneous items. This small stack has all my past items and possessions from a report card in the second grade, and baby pictures of me. I know that I can always come to my parents for help and support. Through the wrong-doings of my youth, my parents will love me for who I am. As I get older, I’m changing. My parents are constantly changing as well, through hardships and triumphs. At the end of the day what brings us together is our love for each

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